Ode 2 art Academy

I will be accepting a limited number of online students on a first-come first-served basis, and I’d love for you to be one of them! The program can be tailored to your own interests. Choose the general curriculum, or request a personalized curriculum based on your current work-in-progress or a new project you want to start. 

After an initial email chat to discuss expectations, ideas, and questions, both formats will include weekly or bimonthly feedback from a qualified instructor in the form of:

  • Critiques with encouragement
  • Personally edited images of your work
  • Explanations of key ideas and principles
  • Individually tailored advice about what to work on the following week

Although nobody is required to complete the Art Course’s general curriculum until the end, it is designed to last approximately 1 year.  However, the classes can continue as long as the student would like.

We are looking forward to walking alongside you on your artistic journey as you develop your skills from the comfort of your own home.

Our Goal:
To share with our students what I have learned in my 37 years of art training including my 22 years painting in the Bethel Art Department and art seminars from several master painters.
To assist the student to continue to develop their skill levels in the following order:

Learning to train the eye to draw and shade accurately.
Then to progress to tonal painting in monochrome with oil paint.
Then advancing to full color painting in oils or watercolor with accurate colors that relate to one another.
And lastly, learning the importance of edges and textures.

From there, the student can learn digital art.

The final result is that each student will become more satisfied with the results of creating a finished
work of art.

Cost: Each class is $20(USD)* per person for a 30 minute group class of between 2 to 4 students via ZOOM. Your instructor will offer critique, guidance, tips and occasional demonstrations. (*If the student cannot afford this fee, please contact Ed Salazar.)

Your instructor will ask for payment to be made at the beginning of each month of classes using his/her preferred method of electronic payment.



Recommended Minimum:
10 to 15- Bargue Plates
3- Bargue Master Drawings
6- Bargue Dramatic Poses


Recommended Minimum:
4- monochrome paintings in oils (2 still life and 2 portraits)

COLOR CHARTS (to understand the full potential of color mixes from your palette)

1- color chart per week until all are completed (approximately 14 total)
optional: Color block studies 


Paint a portrait 
Paint a still life 
Paint a landscape
Optional: Copy a Master Painting (of your choice)
Watercolor and digital painting (if preferred)

Optional: The ART of ILLUSTRATION 

Telling a story with thumbnail sketches / story boarding
Preparing a tonal study
Creating color harmony in a painting
Choosing models and gathering photographic elements
Finishing a painting