painting of a couple

"Ed Salazar has so many fine qualities as an artist. In fact, I have commissioned Ed over ten times throughout the years and have developed a very wonderful relationship with him. His ability to capture the sitter in a direct likeness is amazing. I've commissioned other artists in the past, but Ed is absolutely one of the best. You immediately feel like you have been taken from a certain place and put right on the canvas. He is absolutely wonderful!"

—Michelle Marie Heinemann
painting of a boy

"Ed has an incredible eye for detail. Color, composition, mood, and lighting are all on point with Ed's fine art. I highly recommend working with Ed for you fine art needs. You will not be disappointed"

—Jason Sievert
painting of a girl

"Ed is an extremely talented, professional, diligent and conscientious artist. While Ed's amazing oeuvre speaks volumes about his artistic capabilities, many of his colleagues will also attest to his personal and professional integrity. I would recommend Ed highly."

—Tae Ethan Choi
painting of a woman

"Not only is Ed's artwork fantastic, but also he is so easy to work with! He is an excellent communicator that seeks to make his clients happy. I am proud to own one of his original sketches. I highly recommend him as an artist, and especially as a portrait painter!"

—Isaac Russell
painting of a couple

"Ed Salazar is one of the finest artists I know. I have known him and his work for over fifteen years. He continually has the ability to surprise me with each work he produces. This is proven by the dedication and hunger to always push his skill to the next level."

—Abe Duenas
painting of Ed Salazar

"Ed and I were part of a group that worked together to produce educational materials. In that role, Ed's artwork has been published and seen by a worldwide audience of over 20 million people. Ed is an amazing artist who produces fine art pieces with a classical yet unique style that resonates with clients and the greater audience who view his work. Always professional, Ed gives full attention to clients to discern their needs and then maintains that cooperative spirit as he produces artworks that become timeless classics. He is a valuable asset to anyone he works for."

—Kier Bouley
painting of arab jeweler

"Ed is a very talented artist. He has incredible passion and dedication for his work. On top of that, he is a great person with the highest level of integrity."

—Paul Luttrell